Hola! My name is Amy, but I have about 300 nicknames. I live in San Diego, though I feel more comfortable in my home state of Massachusetts. I moved here to work on my Ph.D. in biochemistry, and ended up married to my best friend and sous chef, Ben (henceforth will be referred to as Man Candy or Ben, interchangeably) and living in a teeny apartment overlooking the ocean with our turbo beast tiger, Maxwell.

Me and Man Candy on our wedding day. He's giving me smile lines like you wouldn't believe!

Ok, so that's not what we normally look like. On any given day, we're running around dancing to LMFAO and singing at the top of our lungs. Yeah, our neighbors probably don't care for it much :)

he's a VERY smart cat.
I started cooking seriously when I came to grad school for the simple fact that science is kind of demoralizing on a day-to-day basis. But you know what's not? Cookies. Or bread. Or pasta. Things that make people smile and make you feel better when you are feeling slightly like a failure!

These days, you can find me baking tons of bread, hosting dinner parties with too many people for my apartment, and looking for the best cheap restaurants in San Diego.

Ben and I are both recovering triathletes, and look forward to getting back to it when we finish up here. In the mean time, we work out a lot to prevent us from becoming jabba the hut. We love finding new places, exploring, and doing awesome things like dressing our cat up in costumes he hates.

I have a new obsession, which I will be blogging about : my sewing machine. Looking forward to creating something other than pillows, and I can't wait to show everyone!

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