Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Envelope pillows are easy and super fun to make

Man Candy and I redecorate our house basically once a week. It's only 500 square feet on a good day, so we get creative. Sometimes it turns out good, and sometimes we end up with a hole in our wall that we can see our neighbor through (sorry guy!).

I've been bitten by the sewing bug, which incidentally is absolutely the only bug I will tolerate. I bought a little brother sewing machine recently, and I've been stitching together mostly any fabric that isn't part of clothing, though that's gonna be fair game soon if I don't get to the fabric store again soon.

Anyway, I made some pillows. I had fabric, I had pillows I hated, and that's where these puppies came from. They're INSANELY easy to make, even I didn't screw them up. Try it out!

1. Measure pillow to make the cover for. Mine was 18x18.
2. Cut one piece of fabric 1 inch larger than the pillow in all directions. So mine was 20x20.
3. Cut a second piece of fabric the same width, but 7 inches longer than the first. Mine was 20x27.
4. Cut the longer piece of fabric in half. Mine were now 2x(20x14.5) and 20x20.
5. Hem the edge of the two shorter pieces where you cut it in half. That's all the hemming you'll be doing, yay!
6. Lay the larger square, good side up (the side you want to end up on the outside, that is), on top, lay the two smaller squares, good side down, lined up around the edges. They will overlap by, you got it, 7 inches.
7. Sew all the way around the edge of the square.
8. Turn inside out and marvel at your work. Clever girl.
9. Sew everything else in your house.

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